What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean on Android? [Explained]

What Does Sent as SMS via Server Mean on Android

Sent as SMS via Server on Android

Explore the meaning, causes, and solutions behind 'Sent as SMS via Server' on Android. Learn practical tips to manage this status and stay informed about Android messaging protocols for a seamless communication experience. Here in this article, you'll know What is 'Sent as SMS via Server' means on Android? Learn everything what is this message meant for?

"Sent as SMS via server" indicates that the message was crafted using a device other than a mobile phone. The term "server" in this context refers to a computer, laptop, or tablet with wifi access. An SMS server acts as an intermediary or third party that coordinates with mobile phone networks or SMS gateways to route and deliver text messages. "Sent as SMS via server" may occur when using Google Android's RCS (Rich Communication Services) protocol, especially when a reliable RCS connection is not available.

📡 RCS may send texts as SMS through its server when facing connectivity issues. The status message "Sent as SMS via Server" appears when sending text messages using the RCS protocol on Android devices. The message may appear due to system software issues, which can be resolved using ReiBoot for Android. When you see this message, it means that the message was not delivered using the traditional SMS protocol.

Some users may encounter this status due to Android data recovery processes, indicating a deviation from the standard SMS delivery method.

  • This message often appears when sending a message through Google Android's RCS protocol, which utilizes a server as a facilitator for efficient delivery between mobile networks.
  • RCS enables multimedia messages over Wi-Fi but is confined to Android devices and requires an internet connection.
  • When an RCS message is sent to an unsupported device, it defaults to SMS, triggering the display of 'Sent as SMS via server.'
  • Common scenarios leading to this include the recipient having an iPhone, an older Android/non-smartphone, RCS chats turned off, or no internet connection.

How to Turn Off the 'Sent as SMS via Server' Message on Android?

Although 'Sent as SMS via Server' is not an error, users have options to revert to regular delivery notifications:
  1. Enable SMS delivery reports through the Messages app settings.
  2. Clear the Messages app cache as a potential resolution for temporary bugs.
  3. Disable RCS chats in the Message app settings, with a caveat about potential impacts on end-to-end encryption and increased mobile data usage.
  4. If RCS chats are not immediately visible in settings, users should first tap on Chat Features.
  5. Alternatively, if both the sender and recipient(s) activate RCS chats, the 'Sent as SMS via server' notification won't appear.

How to Address 'Sent as SMS via Server':

While not an error, users may prefer traditional delivery notifications. Here's how to manage it:

  • Enable SMS Delivery Reports: In the Messages app settings, turn on SMS delivery reports for regular delivery notifications.
  • Clear Message App Cache: Resolve potential RCS message-sending issues by clearing the Messages app cache.
  • Turn Off RCS Chats: In Message app settings, disable RCS chats if the 'Sent as SMS via Server' status is unwanted. Note the potential impact on end-to-end encryption and data usage.
  • Alternative Solution: If both sender and recipient(s) enable RCS chats, the 'Sent as SMS via Server' status won't appear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why does 'Sent as SMS via Server' occur?

A: It happens when an RCS message is sent to a device that doesn't support RCS, defaulting to SMS.

Q: Is fixing 'Sent as SMS via Server' necessary?

A: Not necessarily. It's a status message, and fixes are optional for users who prefer regular delivery notifications.

Q: Can RCS chats be disabled?

A: Yes, users can turn off RCS chats in the Message app settings.


Understanding the nuances of 'Sent as SMS via Server' ensures a smoother messaging experience on Android. Whether embracing RCS features or reverting to traditional SMS, users have the flexibility to tailor their messaging preferences. Stay informed, stay connected.

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