Google app on Android is introducing a new Sports widget

Google Android Sports Widget

Google Sports widget for Android

Google app on Android is introducing a new Sports widget. The Sports widget follows the earlier introduction of a Finance Watchlist feature. Users can access and customize the Sports widget on their Android devices. The upcoming addition enhances the Google app's functionality for sports enthusiasts. The Sports widget is expected to provide users with real-time sports updates and information, enhancing the overall user experience by catering to sports enthusiasts. The feature is available in the beta channel with Google app version

Key Features of the Sports Widget

The Sports widget, currently available in the beta channel with Google app version, offers a comprehensive display of sports teams that users follow. 

It includes details on upcoming, live, or past matches, presented in visually appealing cards showcasing date/time, score, and league information. Users can easily access a Knowledge Graph card in Google Search for more in-depth details with just a tap.

The Sports widget boasts a flexible one- or two-column UI. Users can also resize the widget to occupy their entire home screen, providing a personalized experience. The widget offers a refresh functionality in the top-right corner and presents two views: "Your games" and "Trending games." 

Team selection and other customization options can be conveniently managed through the widget settings page.

The Sports widget utilizes Dynamic Color technology to ensure a visually appealing and cohesive integration with the overall Android interface. This feature complements the existing Finance Watchlist widget, offering a seamless transition between financial interests and real-time sports updates.

Upcoming Stable Release

The Sports widget, currently in the beta channel, is expected to roll out soon in the stable version of the Google app. This significant move follows the earlier introduction of the Finance Watchlist, indicating Google's commitment to expanding user engagement by providing a dynamic Sports widget.

For those eager to explore the upcoming feature, the Sports widget is available for preview in the latest beta channel release (Google app version 

This allows users to provide valuable feedback before the official release, contributing to the refinement of this latest feature addition to the Google app on Android.

SOURCE: 9to5Google

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