Google launches NotebookLM with Gemini Pro


  1. Google introduced NotebookLM, an experimental AI tool for improved thinking processes.
  2. NotebookLM leverages large language models, including Gemini Pro, to enhance document understanding and reasoning.
  3. Early access feedback from various users shapes NotebookLM's features, emphasizing an iterative development approach.
  4. The latest NotebookLM release includes a noteboard space, dynamic suggested actions, and tools for formatting notes into structured documents.
  5. NotebookLM ensures user privacy, with personal data not used for training, inviting users to try the AI-native application and share their feedback.

NotebookLM with Gemini Pro

One day after the release of the launch of Google's official AI Model Gemini AI finally the tech giant launched Google’s AI note-taking app 'NotebookLM with Gemini Prop'.and is available to users in the US. NotebookLM is an experimental product by Google Labs designed to assist users in organizing their thoughts and improving their thinking process. The product is now available in the U.S. for users aged 18 and up. NotebookLM utilizes large language models (LLMs), specifically Gemini Pro, to enhance document understanding and reasoning. NotebookLM is an AI-native application built from the ground up and encourages users to try it out and provide.

This feature highlights such as a new noteboard space for saving and referencing notes, suggested actions for reading and writing, and tools for organizing curated notes into structured documents. The release is based on feedback from early testers and aims to provide users with a personalized AI collaborator for various tasks. 

NotebookLM is designed to serve as a personalized AI collaborator to assist users in their thinking and productivity. It offers the following features:

  1. Source Grounding.
  2. Summarization and Question Suggestions.
  3. Noteboard Space.
  4. Suggested Actions.
  5. Formats for Different Writing Projects.

1) Source Grounding: 

The ability to upload documents, making NotebookLM instantly knowledgeable about the information needed for projects.

2) Summarization and Question Suggestions: 

Automatically generates summaries and suggests follow-up questions based on the uploaded sources, aiding users in comprehending complex text and making connections between multiple documents.

3) Noteboard Space:

Introduces a new space for users to take and reference notes, allowing them to pin quotes from the chat, excerpts from sources, or personal written notes. The system automatically shares citations from sources when answering questions.

4) Helpful Suggested Actions:

Dynamically suggests actions based on user activities. 

For example, when selecting a passage while reading, NotebookLM may offer to summarize the text to a new note or help understand technical language. 

While writing, it provides tools to polish prose or suggest related ideas from sources.

5) Formats for Different Writing Projects: 

Offers tools to organize curated notes into structured documents, providing suggested formats such as a thematic outline or study guide. Users can also instruct NotebookLM to transform notes into various formats, like an email newsletter or a script outline.

The goal is to provide users with options to structure their curated notes in a way that aligns with the specific goals and requirements of different writing projects. 

6) Export Functionality:

Allows users to export the final version of their work to Google Docs with a single click.

Overall, NotebookLM aims to facilitate a seamless transition between reading, note-taking, and writing, enhancing the user's ability to organize and synthesize information effectively. 

It is presented as an AI-native application built with advanced technology, and user feedback is encouraged for further improvement. Importantly, personal data is not used to train NotebookLM, ensuring the privacy of user information.


NotebookLM is an experimental product from Google Labs designed to serve as a personalized AI collaborator. Available for users aged 18 and up in the U.S., NotebookLM leverages advanced language models for tasks like document understanding and reasoning. It offers features such as source grounding, noteboard space for saving and referencing notes, suggested actions for summarization, language understanding, and writing assistance. The tool also provides formats for different writing projects, including thematic outlines and study guides. Users can export their work to Google Docs and are encouraged to provide feedback for ongoing improvements. Overall, NotebookLM aims to streamline the process of organizing thoughts and information, offering a versatile AI-native application for various tasks.


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