How to Fix 'UPnP Not Successful' Error in Xbox One Game Console? (Permanent Solution)

UPnP Not Successful

Frustrated with the "UPnP Not Successful" message on your Xbox One Gaming Console? You're not alone. This annoying error troubles many gamers, preventing them from dipping into the heat of multiplayer battles or enjoying online features. But fear not! This guide will provide you with the perfect permanent solution to this error.

UPnP Not Successful Error in Xbox One

UPnP simply means 'Universal Plug and Play' and is a technology that simplifies communication between devices on your network. In the Xbox One Gaming Console, UPnP automatically configures your router to forward the necessary ports for online gaming and communication. So, when you see "UPnP Not Successful," it means UPnP has failed to do its magic, leaving your Xbox One console having a connectivity issue.

How to Fix 'UPnP Not Successful' Error in Xbox One?

You already know what is this error, here we will discuss how to fix the UPnP Not Successful' Error in your Xbox One Game Console, Just follow these fixes.

Fix 1: Scout Your Router

  • Locate your router's IP address: Open a web browser, and type "" or "" in the address bar (consult your router's manual for the exact address).
  • Log in to your router's admin panel: Enter your username and password (again, check the manual).

Fix 2: Fortify Your Network Defenses

  • Activate the UPnP: Navigate to the "Advanced Settings" or "Applications" section and locate the UPnP setting. Ensure it's enabled.
  • Reinforce the Router Firewall: Check if specific applications or ports are blocked for your Xbox. Allow necessary traffic for Xbox Live and gaming services.

Fix 3: Launch a Network Refresh

  • Power Cycle Your Devices: Turn off your Xbox, router, and modem for 30 seconds, then power them back on in sequence (modem first, then router, then Xbox).
  • Reset Network Settings on Xbox: Go to Settings > General > Network settings > Reset network settings. This clears temporary network caches and refreshes the connection.

Fix 4. Advanced Techniques

  • Manually Forward Ports: If UPnP remains stubborn, consult your router manual or Xbox support for specific port numbers needed for Xbox Live and your favorite games. Manually forward these ports in your router's settings.
  • Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): This option acts as a last resort. It places your Xbox outside the firewall, granting unrestricted access to the internet (use with caution!). Consider setting a static IP address for your Xbox before using DMZ.

Fix 5. Seek Reinforcements

  • Consult Your Router Manufacturer: Their website or support channels might offer specific troubleshooting tips for your router model and Xbox compatibility.
  • Microsoft Xbox Support: The official Xbox support website provides detailed resources and troubleshooting guides.
By following these fixes, you should be well on your way to fixing the "UPnP Not Successful" error  Remember, patience and persistence are key! If the error persists, don't hesitate to seek help from your router manufacturer or Microsoft support.

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