iOS 17.3 Features: What's New in iOS 17.3? (Explained!)

iOS 17.3 Features: What's New? Collaborative Apple Music Playlists, AirPlay to Hotel Rooms, Stolen Device Protection, Emergency SOS, Bug Fixes & More
iOS 17.3

Apple iOS 17.3 Update

Apple released iOS 17.3, a minor update to iOS 17, its latest mobile operating system. The update brings several new features, including collaborative Apple Music playlists, AirPlay to hotel rooms, stolen device protection, and a new Unity wallpaper. To install iOS 17.3, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, you can download and install it.

Here in this comprehensive article, you'll learn all the latest iOS 17.3 features and everything you need to know about the latest Apple iOS 17.3 Update.

Key Features of iOS 17.3?

Here are the key features added to the latest Apple iOS 17.3 update;
  1. New Lock Screen Wallpaper
  2. Collaborative Apple Music Playlists.
  3. Stolen Device Protection.
  4. AirPlay in Hotels

What's New in iOS 17.3?

Feature Description
New Lock Screen Wallpaper Multi-layered wallpaper with depth and color gradient
Collaborative Apple Music Playlists with Emoji Reactions Create playlists with friends and family, add songs, and express reactions with emoji
Stolen Device Protection Enhanced security measures to protect your data even if your passcode is compromised
AirPlay Compatibility with Hotel TVs Stream content from your iPhone directly to select hotel room TVs
Emergency SOS Improvements Make emergency calls by pressing and holding the side and volume buttons (even if the iPhone is locked)
HomePod Mini Spatial Audio Enjoy an immersive listening experience with Dolby Atmos
Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements Enhanced stability and smoother user experience

1) New Lock Screen Wallpaper

iOS 17.3 introduces a captivating new lockscreen wallpaper that boasts depth and dynamism. This multi-layered wallpaper features a subtle color gradient that seamlessly transitions between red, green, and black, offering a visually stunning and personalized touch to your lock screen.

2) Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

iOS 17.3 introduces collaborative Apple Music playlists, allowing users to share and edit playlists with friends and family. You can invite others to join your playlists, and they can add and remove songs as they please. This is a great way to share your favorite music with loved ones and build a collection of songs that everyone enjoys.

3)  Stolen Device Protection

iOS 17.3 adds a new feature called stolen device protection. This feature requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication for certain sensitive actions, even if the device is unlocked. This includes accessing passwords or passkeys saved in iCloud Keychain, applying for a new Apple Card, viewing an Apple Card virtual card, turning off Lost Mode, and erasing all content and settings. This additional layer of security helps protect your data in case your device is lost or stolen.

4) AirPlay in Hotels

iOS 17.3 makes it easier to use AirPlay in hotels. When you're connected to a hotel Wi-Fi network, AirPlay will automatically detect and connect to AirPlay-enabled devices in the hotel, such as TVs and speakers. This means you can easily stream your music, movies, and other content to the hotel's devices without having to manually connect.

Additional Features

5) Emergency SOS

Enhanced Emergency SOS functionality now allows you to make emergency calls by simply pressing and holding the side button and a volume button, even if your iPhone is locked.

6) HomePod Mini Updates

HomePod Mini users can now enjoy spatial audio with Dolby Atmos for an immersive listening experience.

7) Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

As always, iOS 17.3 addresses various bugs and performance issues, ensuring a smoother and more stable user experience.

How to Install iOS 17.3?

To install iOS 17.3, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If an update is available, you can download and install it.

Overall, iOS 17.3 is a minor update with some useful new features, such as collaborative Apple Music playlists and stolen device protection. If you're an iPhone user, we recommend updating to iOS 17.3 to take advantage of these new features.


iOS 17.3 is a minor update that brings several new features and improvements. The collaborative Apple Music playlists, AirPlay to hotel rooms, and stolen device protection features are particularly noteworthy, and the new Unity wallpaper is a nice addition.
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