Samsung Galaxy S24 Series AI Features to be Available for Testing in Select Cities from January 17

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Mobile technology giant Samsung is set to unveil its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series at the Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17. Ahead of the official launch, the company has announced that select cities will host Galaxy Experience Spaces, where enthusiasts can get hands-on experience with the latest AI features integrated into the new flagship smartphones.

Hands-on AI Experience in Nine Global Cities

The Galaxy Experience Spaces will be open in Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Paris, and Seoul. From January 17 to February 14, visitors will have the opportunity to explore and test the AI capabilities of the Galaxy S24 series, including intelligent camera features, enhanced productivity tools, and personalization options.

Venues and Dates for AI Feature Testing

The Galaxy Experience Spaces will be located in Bangkok, Barcelona, Berlin, Dubai, London, New York, Paris, and Seoul. The testing schedule varies slightly between cities:

  1. Bangkok, Berlin, London, New York, and Paris: January 17 to February 14
  2. New York: January 17 to February 16
  3. Dubai and Seoul: January 18 to February 15
  4. Barcelona: February 15 to February 29

BangkokJanuary 17 - February 14
BerlinJanuary 17 - February 14
DubaiJanuary 18 - February 15
LondonJanuary 17 - February 14
New YorkJanuary 17 - February 16
ParisJanuary 17 - February 14
SeoulJanuary 18 - February 15

Flagship AI Features to Explore

Among the AI features that will be showcased at the Galaxy Experience Spaces are:
  • AI-powered camera features: The Galaxy S24 series is expected to introduce advanced AI-powered camera features, such as the ability to draw circles around words to search for them directly in images, and the ability to erase a subject from a video without affecting the background.
  • AI-enhanced productivity: The Galaxy S24 series is also expected to feature AI-enhanced productivity tools, such as the ability to automatically translate languages while typing, and the ability to create personalized schedules and reminders.
  • AI-powered personalization: Samsung's AI capabilities will also be used to personalize the user experience, such as recommending relevant apps and content based on their usage patterns and interests.

Opportunity to Experience the Future of Mobile Technology

The Galaxy Experience Spaces will provide an exclusive opportunity for early adopters and tech enthusiasts to experience the future of mobile technology firsthand. Visitors will be able to see how Samsung's AI is transforming the way we use our smartphones, making them more intelligent, intuitive, and personalized.

Stay Tuned for More Updates

As the Galaxy Unpacked event approaches, we can expect more details about the Galaxy S24 series to be revealed. In the meantime, keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more updates on the AI features and other innovations that Samsung has in store.

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