Samsung One UI 6 Features - (A Comprehensive Guide)

One UI 6 features

Samsung's One UI 6, built on Android 14, elevates your smartphone experience to a whole new level. Here is the list of all One UI 6 New Features that streamline your daily tasks, personalize your interactions, and empower you to do more with your Galaxy device.

Samsung One UI 6 Features

Here is the list of all One UI 6 new features;

  1. Enhanced Notification Management
  2. SmartThings Widget and Customized Clock
  3. New Button Layout and DeX for Tablets
  4. Personalized Lock Screen Experience
  5. Streamlined Quick Settings Panel
  6. Integrated Trash
  7. Enhanced S Pen Experience
  8. Enhanced Privacy and Security

1) Enhanced Notification Management

One UI 6 introduces a revamped notification system that prioritizes clarity and organization. Notifications are now sorted by time, making it easier to identify and address urgent messages. Additionally, individual notifications from apps are displayed as separate cards, providing better visibility and context.

One UI 6 brings a significant upgrade to the notifications system, making it easier to manage and prioritize incoming alerts. The new "Sort by time" option allows users to arrange notifications chronologically, ensuring that the most recent messages or reminders are always at the forefront. Additionally, notifications now display individual cards for each conversation or app, making it simpler to distinguish between different sources of alerts.

2) SmartThings Widget and Customized Clock

One UI 6 seamlessly integrates Samsung's SmartThings home automation platform, providing direct access to connected devices from the lock screen. 

The SmartThings widget enables users to control smart home appliances, adjust lighting settings, and monitor security cameras without unlocking their devices. Additionally, the lock screen's clock can now be moved to various positions, allowing users to customize their desired layout and view time information at their convenience.

3) New Button Layout and DeX for Tablets

The quick panel, a central hub for accessing device settings and features, has received a revamped layout in One UI 6. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons now have dedicated positions at the top, while visual enhancements like Dark mode and Eye comfort shield are conveniently placed at the bottom. Other quick settings buttons are arranged in a customizable area, allowing for personalized arrangements based on user preferences.

For tablet users, One UI 6 introduces a revamped DeX experience that seamlessly transitions between DeX mode and tablet mode. This feature enables a consistent user experience across both orientations, ensuring that apps, widgets, and icons remain organized and accessible. Additionally, DeX can now be used in both landscape and portrait orientations, providing greater flexibility for multitasking and productivity on tablets.

4) Personalized Lock Screen and Live Caption Enhancements:

One UI 6 further enhances the lock screen experience, allowing users to select from a variety of wallpapers and clock styles. Moreover, the ability to add widgets to the lock screen provides a convenient way to access frequently used apps or information without unlocking the device.

Live Caption, a feature that transcribes audio in real-time, has also received notable improvements in One UI 6. The accuracy of captions has been enhanced, and the feature now supports more languages, making it even more accessible to a wider range of users.

5) Streamlined Quick Settings Panel:

One UI 6 optimizes the Quick Settings panel for faster and more efficient access to frequently used functions. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles are now placed prominently at the top of the panel, while visual preferences like Dark Mode and Eye Comfort Shield reside at the bottom. Other quick settings buttons are arranged in a customizable area in the middle.

6) Integrated Trash

My Files, Gallery, and Voice Recorder's Trash features are now unified into a single Trash bin. This consolidation provides a centralized location to view and manage deleted files, pictures, videos, and voice recordings. Options to restore or permanently delete data are readily available.

7) Enhanced S Pen Experience:

The S Pen, Samsung's signature stylus, receives significant enhancements in One UI 6. New S Pen gestures provide convenient shortcuts, while improved Air Actions allow for more intuitive control of the phone without touching the screen. Additionally, S Pen software optimizations enhance writing precision and responsiveness.

8) Enhanced Privacy and Security:

One UI 6 places a strong emphasis on privacy and security. Privacy Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of app permissions and data access, ensuring that you retain control over your personal information. Additionally, new security features like Smart Anti-Tracking and Private Share safeguard your online activities.


How do I upgrade to One UI 6?

Samsung will gradually roll out One UI 6 to eligible Galaxy devices. Check your device's software update settings to see if the update is available.

What are the system requirements for One UI 6?

One UI 6 requires a phone with at least 4GB of RAM and Android 14.

Will all Samsung Galaxy devices get One UI 6?

Not all Galaxy devices will receive One UI 6. Samsung typically prioritizes its newer flagship devices for major software updates.

What are the benefits of using One UI 6?

One UI 6 offers a range of improvements, including enhanced notification management, a customizable lock screen, a streamlined Quick Settings panel, integrated Trash, enhanced S Pen experience, and enhanced privacy and security features.


Samsung's One UI 6 redefines the Android experience with its innovative features and intuitive design. Whether you're a seasoned Android user or just starting out, One UI 6 offers a compelling platform for seamless navigation, enhanced productivity, and unparalleled personalization. Embrace the future of Android with One UI 6 and unlock a world of possibilities on your Galaxy device.

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