X/Twitter Introduces 'Basic' Subscription Plan for Verified Organizations


X/Twitter's New Plan

X/Twitter, the popular social media platform, has launched a new 'Basic' subscription plan for verified organizations, making it more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to benefit from verification and enhance their brand presence.

The new tier, priced at an affordable $200 per month or $2,000 per year, offers a range of valuable features, including:

  • A coveted GOLD CHECKMARK to distinguish your organization from the crowd and build trust with your audience
  • PRIORITY ACCESS for faster responses from X/Twitter support, ensuring you receive the assistance you need when it matters most
  • PREMIUM+ BENEFITS, including Grok AI, a powerful language understanding tool, and LinkedIn-like hiring capabilities to streamline your organization's growth

Limited-Time Ad Credit:

To further support SMBs, X/Twitter is offering a $1,000 AD CREDIT to new Basic subscribers. Leverage this credit to promote your organization's content and reach a wider audience on X/Twitter, expanding your reach and engagement opportunities.

Targeted for SMB Growth

The Verified Organizations Basic tier is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to elevate their brand credibility and amplify their presence on the platform. It provides a cost-effective solution to unlocking the benefits of verification and unlocking new avenues for engagement and growth.

Sign up Today and Elevate Your Brand

Simply visit the X/Twitter Verified Organizations page and follow the instructions to sign up for the Basic tier. Provide your organization's details, agree to the Terms of Service, and start reaping the rewards of verification.

Enhance Your Brand Presence and Grow Your Business

Verified organizations on X/Twitter enjoy a multitude of advantages, including:


A verified badge demonstrates your organization's authenticity and trustworthiness, fostering confidence among potential customers and partners.


Your verified profile gains greater visibility in search results, making it more likely to be noticed by target audiences.


Verified organizations consistently generate higher engagement with their tweets, leading to increased brand awareness and stronger relationships with followers.

Empower Your SMB with X/Twitter Verification

The new Verified Organizations Basic tier empowers SMBs to access the benefits of verification and enhance their brand presence on X/Twitter. With its affordable pricing and valuable perks, this new plan makes it more accessible than ever for organizations to build trust, connect with their audience, and drive business growth.

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