Google releases Android 15 Developer Preview

Google has released the first developer preview of Android 15, packed with exciting new features for privacy, security, large screens, and more
Android 15 Developer Preview

Android 15 Developer Preview

Tech Giant Google has officially unveiled the Android 15 Developer Preview, offering a glimpse into the future of mobile operating systems. This early build, released in February 2024, is primarily aimed at developers to gather feedback and ensure their apps are compatible with the upcoming update. But what does this mean for you, the curious Android user? 

In this comprehensive article, we'll read into the exciting features, potential impacts, and everything you need to know about Android 15.

1. Performance

Android 15 promises significant performance improvements:

  1. Thermal Management: Better thermal management tools help devices stay cooler and run smoother, even under demanding tasks.
  2. Hint Sessions: Developers can optimize background processes by indicating their resource needs through "hint sessions," allowing the system to allocate resources efficiently.
  3. GPU & CPU Workload Reporting: Fine-grained insights into workload durations enable the system to tailor CPU and GPU frequencies for optimal performance.

2. Developer-Friendly Features:

For developers, Android 15 brings a treasure trove of tools and improvements:

  1. OpenJDK API Expansion: New OpenJDK APIs enhance developer productivity, offering quality-of-life improvements in areas like streams, buffers, and security.
  2. Android AD Services Upgraded: Enhanced Android AD Services integrate the latest Privacy Sandbox advancements, enabling effective yet privacy-conscious advertising.
  3. Platform Stability Milestone: A designated "Platform Stability" milestone in June ensures APIs and app behaviors are finalized, aiding developers in finalizing app compatibility.

3. Privacy and Security

Android 15 prioritizes user privacy and security with a series of groundbreaking advancements. The 'Privacy Sandbox' takes a significant leap forward, reaching level 10, and introducing stricter limitations on data collection and targeted advertising. This enhanced focus on user privacy is a welcome change for developers seeking to build trust and transparency with their users.

4. Health Connect

Furthermore, Android 15 integrates Health Connect by Android, a unified platform for health and fitness data. This integration streamlines data access and management, fostering a more cohesive and user-centric health experience.

5. File integrity

Android 15's 'File Integrity Manager' includes new APIs that tap into the power of the fs-verity feature in the Linux kernel. With fs-verity, files can be protected by custom cryptographic signatures, helping you ensure they haven't been tampered with or corrupted. This leads to enhanced security, protecting against potential malware or unauthorized file modifications that could compromise your app's functionality or data.

6. Partial screen sharing

This innovative feature allows apps to share only a portion of their screen, enhancing privacy and multitasking capabilities.

The growing popularity of large-screen devices like foldable phones and tablets necessitates a tailored approach to user interfaces and app experiences. Android 15 acknowledges this shift with improved support for large screens, ensuring that apps adapt seamlessly and deliver an intuitive and visually appealing experience across diverse screen sizes.

Android 15 empowers developers with a plethora of new tools to streamline their workflows and unlock creative possibilities. Here are some of the most notable additions:

In-app camera controls:

This feature grants apps granular control over device cameras, enabling them to fine-tune camera settings and behaviors to cater to specific use cases.

Virtual MIDI 2.0 Devices

Developers can now create virtual MIDI devices within their apps, opening doors for innovative music creation and performance applications.

File integrity APIs

These APIs bolster app security by enabling apps to verify the integrity of files, ensuring they haven't been tampered with.

Additional Features and Potential Implications

Beyond the aforementioned highlights, Android 15 introduces a multitude of other features, each with the potential to significantly impact the development landscape. Some noteworthy additions include:

Improved app compatibility

Android 15 streamlines the app compatibility process, making it easier for developers to ensure their apps work seamlessly across diverse devices and Android versions.

Enhanced background task management

More fine controls over background tasks enable developers to optimize battery life and performance.

Advanced notification customization

Developers can now create more interactive and informative notifications, boosting user engagement.

A Glimpse into the Future

The Android 15 Developer Preview serves as a captivating window into the future of mobile development. With its emphasis on privacy, security, large-screen support, and developer-centric tools, Android 15 lays the foundation for a more secure, personalized, and versatile mobile experience.

As developers explore the depths of this preview, they'll uncover a treasure trove of opportunities to craft innovative apps that cater to the evolving needs of users and thrive in the ever-changing mobile landscape.

What to Expect and When?

Remember, the Android 15 Developer Preview is not meant for daily use. It's an early, unstable build for developer testing and feedback. Here's the roadmap:

Android 15 Release Roadmap

  1. Multiple Developer Previews: Expect several previews throughout 2024, gathering feedback and refining features.
  2. Beta Releases: More stable "Beta" releases arrive in April and May, focusing on wider compatibility testing.
  3. Platform Stability (June): APIs and behaviors are finalized, offering developers a firm target for app compatibility testing.
  4. Public Release (Fall 2024): The final, polished Android 15 will roll out to compatible devices later in the year.

People Also Ask

Is Android 15 safe to install?

No, the Android 15 Developer Preview is not safe for daily use. It's intended for developers and may have bugs and stability issues.

When will my phone get Android 15?

The release schedule varies depending on your device manufacturer. Expect flagship devices to receive it sooner, while older models may wait longer or not receive it at all.

What new features will be in Android 15?

The full feature list is still evolving, but privacy enhancements, performance improvements, and developer-friendly tools are key areas of focus.


The Android 15 Developer Preview is a significant milestone, marking the beginning of a new chapter in Android development. By embracing the new features, understanding their implications, and leveraging the provided tools, developers can unlock a world of possibilities and shape the future of mobile experiences.

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