Will Helldivers 2 Be on Xbox? Know Here!

Will Helldivers 2 Be on Xbox

Will Helldivers 2 Be on Xbox?

Helldivers, the critically acclaimed twin-stick shooter, has garnered a loyal fanbase. With its fast-paced action, cooperative gameplay, and unique blend of humor and strategy, the game has captivated gamers worldwide. Naturally, the prospect of a sequel has sparked excitement and anticipation. One of the most burning questions among Xbox enthusiasts is whether Helldivers 2 will grace their consoles.

Platform Rumors and Speculations:

Currently, there has been no official announcement from the developers, Arrowhead Game Studios, regarding the platforms on which Helldivers 2 will be released. However, various rumors and speculations have emerged, hinting at a potential Xbox launch. One such rumor originated from a job listing posted by Arrowhead Game Studios. The listing mentioned "experience with Xbox development" as a preferred qualification for a QA Tester position. While not conclusive proof, it does suggest that Xbox is being considered for the game's release.

Exclusive Content vs. Wider Reach:

If Helldivers 2 were to release exclusively on Xbox, it could benefit from Microsoft's vast user base and the powerful hardware of the Xbox Series X and S consoles. Exclusive content, such as additional missions, weapons, or characters, could also entice Xbox players.

However, an exclusive release could limit the game's reach to a narrower audience. Helldivers' success on multiple platforms has proven its appeal to gamers on various consoles and PCs. Releasing Helldivers 2 on a single platform might alienate fans on other systems.

Cross-Play Possibilities:

Cross-play has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, allowing players from different platforms to connect and enjoy multiplayer games together. If Helldivers 2 were to support cross-play, it would significantly enhance the game's multiplayer experience, enabling Xbox players to team up with friends on other consoles or PCs.

Cross-play would also boost the game's longevity and active player base, ensuring a thriving community for years to come.


While the official platforms for Helldivers 2 remain unknown, rumors and speculations point towards a potential Xbox release. An exclusive release on Xbox would offer benefits such as exclusive content and a larger user base, but it could also restrict the game's reach. Cross-play, if implemented, would greatly enhance the multiplayer experience and contribute to the game's longevity.

Ultimately, the decision of whether Helldivers 2 will be released on Xbox lies with Arrowhead Game Studios. With its highly anticipated sequel, the developers face the challenge of balancing platform exclusivity with the desire to reach a wide range of gamers. Fans can eagerly await further announcements and updates from the studio regarding the platforms on which Helldivers 2 will unleash its twin-stick action.

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