Windows 11 24H2 Confirmed: Here's What We Know About the Next Major Update

Windows 11 24H2

Windows 11 24H2: The Next Major Update Arrives in 2024 (Not Windows 12!)

Microsoft has officially confirmed the arrival of Windows 11 version 24H2, its next major feature update, later this year. This news comes as a surprise to many who anticipated the release of Windows 12, but Microsoft has opted to stay within the Windows 11 framework for now.

What We Know About Windows 11 24H2:

Here's everything we need to know about the latest Windows 11 24H2 Update;

Key Takeaways:

  • No Windows 12 in 2024: Microsoft is sticking with Windows 11 for its annual feature update, likely to maintain a unified user base and avoid fragmentation.
  • Release Expected in Fall 2024: We can expect Windows 11 24H2 to roll out sometime between September and November of this year.
  • Focus on AI and Experience: This update will delve deeper into integrating AI across the OS, potentially leveraging new hardware-accelerated Neural Processing Units (NPUs).
  • Quality-of-Life Enhancements: Expect improvements to existing features and potentially brand new functionalities aimed at streamlining user experience.

Release Date

While an exact date hasn't been announced, Microsoft's confirmation suggests a release sometime in the second half of 2024. This aligns with recent statements from Qualcomm's CEO about a next-generation Windows release in the latter part of the year.

What does 24H2 stand for?

The naming convention for Windows updates might seem cryptic at first glance. 24H2 breaks down as follows:
  • 24: Represents the year of release (2024)
  • H2: Denotes the second half of the year (Autumn)
This simple coding system helps differentiate updates within a specific year, offering a clear understanding of the release timeframe.

New Features

The specific features of Windows 11 24H2 remain under wraps, but Microsoft has hinted at a focus on next-generation AI experiences and quality-of-life improvements. This could include deeper integration of AI throughout the operating system, leveraging the capabilities of new hardware-accelerated Neural Processing Units (NPUs) found in modern "AI PCs."


Windows 11 24H2 introduces a plethora of new features and enhancements designed to streamline workflow, augment productivity, and enhance the overall user experience. Notable among these are:

1) Revamped Taskbar: 

The taskbar, a cornerstone of the Windows interface, has undergone a significant overhaul in Windows 11 24H2. It now features a cleaner, more streamlined design, with icons centered for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Additionally, the taskbar has been endowed with enhanced functionality, including the ability to quickly group and ungroup applications, facilitating seamless multitasking.

2) Improved Start Menu:

The Start menu, the gateway to all applications and settings, has also received a facelift in Windows 11 24H2. It now boasts a more user-friendly design, with a simplified layout and larger icons for easier navigation. Moreover, the Start menu now includes a dedicated section for recommended files and applications, providing users with quick access to frequently used items.

3) Enhanced Widgets:

Widgets, the customizable panels that provide real-time information and updates, have been further enhanced in Windows 11 24H2. They now offer greater flexibility, allowing users to resize and reposition them anywhere on the screen. Additionally, new widgets have been introduced, including a dedicated weather widget and a widget that displays upcoming calendar events.

Windows 11 24H2: Security and Stability

Beyond its new features and enhancements, Windows 11 24H2 places a strong emphasis on security and stability. It incorporates a range of cutting-edge security measures, including:

Enhanced Malware Protection

Windows 11 24H2 features an improved malware protection system that utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to detect and neutralize malicious software. This system is constantly updated with the latest threat intelligence, ensuring comprehensive protection against emerging threats.

Strengthened Firewall

The firewall in Windows 11 24H2 has been bolstered to provide an even more robust defense against unauthorized access and network attacks. It now includes a new intrusion detection system that monitors network traffic for suspicious activity and alerts users to potential threats.

No Windows 12

This confirmation effectively shuts down rumors of a separate Windows 12 release in 2024. Microsoft appears to prioritize keeping the Windows user base unified by focusing on building upon the existing Windows 11 foundation.

What This Means for Windows Users:

Continued Support for Windows 11

Users can expect ongoing support and feature updates for Windows 11, including the upcoming Moment 5 update expected this month. This update will bring minor improvements and bug fixes.

Upgrade Path

Windows 11 24H2 will likely be a free upgrade for existing Windows 11 users, similar to previous feature updates. This ensures a smooth transition for the majority of users.

New Hardware Considerations

While not explicitly confirmed, the focus on AI features might require specific hardware configurations for optimal performance. Users might need to consider upgrading their hardware to fully benefit from the update's potential.

Is Windows 11 24H2 a free upgrade?

Yes! If you're already running a genuine Windows 11 license, you'll receive the 24H2 update for free through Windows Update. This ensures everyone can benefit from the latest improvements and features.

What about Windows 10 users?

Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 10 in October 2025. While security updates will continue until 2025, upgrading to Windows 11 is recommended to access the latest features and security patches.

Microsoft will undoubtedly reveal more details about Windows 11 24H2 closer to its release date. Stay tuned to official channels and trusted tech sources for the latest information. This update promises to be a significant step forward for Windows, and we're excited to see what it brings!

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