NVIDIA App 10.0.1 Beta is Now Available

NVIDIA has released the beta version of its NVIDIA App 10.0.1, bringing several enhancements and improvements, Key Features & Improvements, How to upd
NVIDIA App 10.0.1 Beta

NVIDIA App 10.0.1 Beta

NVIDIA NVIDIA has released a new beta update for its GeForce Experience software, bringing a host of exciting features designed to enhance your PC experience. This update, version 10.0.1, focuses on improving video recording efficiency, streamlining performance optimization, and refining the in-game overlay for a smoother experience.

What's new in NVIDIA app 10.0.1?

New features:

  • Performance Panel & One-Click Automatic GPU Tuning
  • The Performance panel allows you to monitor your GPU stats enable automatic tuning for the best overclock settings using an advanced scanning algorithm, and manage your GPU tuning profile for you.
  • Access the Performance Panel through the “Systems” Page.

ShadowPlay Support for AV1

  • The NVIDIA app now supports AV1 codec for Record, Instant Replay, and Highlights, which offers up to 40% compression efficiency with respect to H.264.
  • Go to Settings > Video Capture > Codec to try out AV1.

Overlay User Interface Updates

  • The Photo Mode now has an updated user interface to more easily add filters.
  • The Overlay can now be dismissed by clicking outside of the panel. 
Optimal settings support added for 11 new games including:
  1. Content Warning
  2. Desynced
  3. Dragon's Dogma 2
  4. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition
  5. Lightyear Frontier
  6. Myth of Empires
  7. No Rest for the Wicked
  8. Outpost: Infinity Siege
  9. Pacific Drive
  10. Palia
  11. Thaumaturge

Squashed bugs!

  • Fixed an issue where the overlay looked washed out when HDR is on.
  • Various performance and stability improvements

Key Features and Improvements

  • Enhanced Graphics Performance: The NVIDIA App 10.0.1 beta includes several performance enhancements, particularly for games and graphics-intensive applications. This should result in smoother and more responsive graphics rendering.
  • Improved Power Management: The update includes improved power management features, which help to reduce power consumption and extend battery life for laptops and mobile devices.
  • Enhanced Display Support: The new version supports a wider range of displays, including 4K and high-refresh-rate monitors. This should provide a more immersive gaming and graphics experience.
  • Stability and Bug Fixes: The beta includes several bug fixes and stability improvements to ensure a smoother user experience.

How to Get the NVIDIA App 10.0.1 Beta?

To get the NVIDIA App 10.0.1 beta, follow these steps:

1. Check Your System Compatibility

Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements for the beta. You can check the compatibility list on the NVIDIA website.

2. Download the Beta

Head to the NVIDIA website and download the NVIDIA App 10.0.1 beta.

3. Install the Beta

Follow the installation instructions provided by NVIDIA to install the beta on your system.

NVIDIA App Beta Feature Request

This update marks a significant step forward for NVIDIA GeForce Experience, offering:
  1. Superior video recording with AV1 encoding
  2. Effortless performance optimization with one-click tuning
  3. A refined in-game overlay for seamless control
  4. With these new features, NVIDIA continues to solidify the GeForce Experience as the essential companion for PC gamers and creators.


The NVIDIA App 10.0.1 beta is now available for download, offering enhanced graphics performance, improved power management, and enhanced display support. If you're looking to get the most out of your NVIDIA graphics card, this update is definitely worth checking out.
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