Mozilla Releases FireFox 128 - New Features, Updates and Fixes

Mozilla FireFox 128

Mozilla Firefox 128

Mozilla released Firefox 128 on July 9, 2024., a significant update that brings numerous new features and improvements to the browser. These include faster page loading times, improved privacy features, and a redesigned user interface. Speed Boost - Users will notice quicker browsing speeds. Mozilla claims Firefox 128 loads pages up to 30% faster than its predecessor. This improvement comes from optimized code and better resource management. Enhanced Privacy - Privacy remains a top priority for Mozilla. Firefox 128 includes new tracking protection features. These tools block more third-party cookies and fingerprinting attempts. Fresh Look - The browser sports a cleaner, more modern design. Icons are simpler and menus are easier to navigate. This makeover aims to make Firefox more user-friendly, especially for new users.

This update is available in both the Release and ESR (Extended Support Release) channels, offering users a more streamlined and secure browsing experience.

Users can install Firefox 128 by clicking on Menu > Help > About Firefox or by downloading the installer from the official website. The update is also available in the Microsoft Store for Windows users.

Here are the key highlights of this update:

Enhanced Translation Features

Firefox 128 now allows users to translate selections of text and hyperlinked text directly from the context menu. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently encounter foreign language content online. The translation process is seamless and can be accessed by right-clicking on the text and selecting the translation option.

Simplified User Data Cleaning

The new update introduces a simplified and more unified dialog for clearing user data. This dialog provides insights into the site data size corresponding to the selected time range, making it easier for users to manage their browsing history and other data. The dialog is accessible from both the hamburger menu and the settings, ensuring consistency across different access points.

Improved Private Browsing

Firefox 128 supports the playback of protected content from streaming sites like Netflix while in Private Browsing mode. This feature enhances the user's privacy by allowing them to access content without leaving a trail of their browsing activities. Additionally, the new update includes support for the experimental Privacy Preserving Attribution API, which provides an alternative to user tracking for ad attribution.

Other Notable Changes

  • DNS Proxying: Firefox now proxies DNS by default when using SOCKS v5, ensuring that DNS queries are not leaked to the network when using SOCKS v5 proxies.
  • Text Rendering: The browser now supports rendering more text/* file types inline, rather than requiring them to be downloaded to be viewed.
  • Microphone Capture: On macOS, microphone capture through getUserMedia will now use system-provided voice processing when applicable, improving audio quality.
  • Language Support: Firefox is now available in the Saraiki (skr) language.

Security Enhancements

Firefox 128 includes various security fixes to ensure a safer browsing experience. The root certificate used to verify add-ons and signed content has been renewed to avoid upcoming expiration.

Enterprise and Developer Changes

For enterprise users, Firefox 128 offers additional features and changes. Developer information is also available, detailing the technical aspects of the update.

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