AI Super Resolution Feature is Coming to Windows 11

Windows 11 unveils game-changing AI Super Resolution! Boost performance & visuals w/o high-end hardware. Learn how it works & its impact on the game

AI Super Resolution Feature

Windows 11 - AI Super Resolution Feature

The latest Windows 11 Insider Preview build (26052) has unveiled a new feature: Automatic Super Resolution (ASR). This AI-powered technology promises to enhance your gaming experience by intelligently upscaling the resolution of supported games, leading to smoother gameplay and sharper visuals. Here in this article, we will discuss in detail what exactly is ASR, how does it work, and when can you expect to experience it?

What is AI Super Resolution?

AI Super Resolution is a technique that utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to reconstruct a higher-resolution image from a lower-resolution one. In the context of gaming, ASR takes the image rendered by your graphics card at a lower resolution and intelligently upscales it to a higher resolution, such as your monitor's native resolution. This process involves analyzing the image data and using machine learning models to fill in missing details and create a sharper, more visually appealing picture.

How Does AI Super Resolution Work in Windows 11?

While the specific details of Microsoft's ASR implementation are still under wraps, it's likely to follow similar principles as existing AI upscaling technologies like NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR, and Intel XeSS. These technologies typically involve training deep neural networks on massive datasets of high-resolution images. The trained models can then analyze lower-resolution images and predict what the corresponding high-resolution versions would look like. This prediction is then used to reconstruct the higher-resolution image, resulting in enhanced visual quality.

Benefits of AI Super Resolution for Gamers

The potential benefits of ASR for gamers are numerous:

1) Smoother gameplay

By rendering games at lower resolutions and then upscaling them, ASR can free up valuable graphics card resources. This can lead to higher frame rates and smoother gameplay, especially on less powerful hardware.

2) Enhanced visual quality

ASR can improve the sharpness and clarity of in-game visuals, even when running games at lower resolutions. This can create a more immersive and visually appealing gaming experience.

3) Wider compatibility

Unlike existing AI upscaling solutions that require specific graphics card support, ASR is expected to be a system-level feature, potentially making it available to a wider range of gamers, regardless of their hardware.

4) Future-Proof Technology

AI Super Resolution represents a significant leap forward in graphics technology. By leveraging the power of AI, Microsoft is investing in future-proofing your gaming experience, ensuring compatibility with upcoming games and advancements in visual fidelity.

When Can You Expect to Use AI Super Resolution?

Currently, ASR is only available in the Windows 11 Insider Preview build 26052. It's still under development, and Microsoft hasn't announced an official release date for the public. However, considering the growing popularity of AI upscaling in the gaming industry and the potential benefits it offers, it's safe to expect a wider rollout sometime in the future.

Impact on Existing AI SR Solutions:

It's unclear how ASR will compare to existing solutions like DLSS and FSR in terms of performance and image quality. However, its integration directly into Windows 11 could make it a more accessible option for a wider audience.

The Future of AI-Powered Gaming:

ASR represents another exciting step forward in AI-powered gaming technology. As this technology matures, we can expect even more impressive advancements in image quality and performance, making high-resolution gaming more accessible than ever before.


The arrival of AI Super Resolution in Windows 11 marks a significant turning point in the evolution of game graphics. By harnessing the power of AI, Microsoft is offering gamers a glimpse into the future, where stunning visuals and smooth performance are accessible to everyone. While its official release is still awaited, the potential of ASR is undeniable, and its impact on the gaming industry is sure to be profound. So, get ready to level up your gameplay and experience your favorite games like never before with the dawn of AI Super Resolution!
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