Google Maps is rolling out Speedometer and Speed Limits on iPhone and CarPlay Globally

Google Maps

To help drivers stay safe and avoid speeding violations, Tech Giant Google has announced the global rollout of a new feature in Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay. This feature includes a built-in speedometer and speed limit indicators, providing drivers with real-time information about their current speed and the posted speed limits for the road they are travelling on. 

When navigating with Google Maps, the speedometer will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen, displaying the vehicle's speed in either miles per hour or kilometres per hour, depending on the user's location. The speedometer will also change color to indicate when the driver exceeds the posted speed limit, serving as a visual cue to slow down. 

In addition to the speedometer, Google Maps will also display the current speed limit for the road the driver is on. This information is provided to help drivers stay within the legal speed limits and avoid costly fines or dangerous situations.

The introduction of these features in Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay is a significant step forward in promoting safer driving practices. By providing drivers with real-time feedback on their speed and the posted limits, Google aims to empower users to make more informed decisions behind the wheel and reduce the risk of speeding-related accidents. 

"The speedometer and speed limit indicators are designed to be informational tools, not enforcement mechanisms," said a Google spokesperson. 

"Our goal is to give drivers the information they need to stay safe and compliant with traffic laws, without being overly intrusive or distracting."

Seamless Integration with Google Maps

The new speedometer and speed limit features are seamlessly integrated into the Google Maps user interface, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for drivers. Users can easily access the settings to turn the speedometer on or off, depending on their preferences.

"We understand that not all drivers may want the speedometer displayed at all times," the spokesperson added. "That's why we've made it easy for users to toggle the feature on and off within the Google Maps settings."

Global Rollout and Availability

The speedometer and speed limit features are now being rolled out globally to Google Maps users on iPhone and CarPlay. The update is being gradually released to users worldwide, to provide this added safety and awareness to as many drivers as possible.

"We're excited to bring these features to our iOS and CarPlay users, building on the success we've seen with the speedometer on Android," the spokesperson said. "By empowering drivers to stay within the speed limits, we hope to contribute to a safer and more efficient transportation network for everyone."


The addition of the speedometer and speed limit features in Google Maps for iPhone and CarPlay is a significant step forward in promoting safer driving practices. By providing real-time feedback on a driver's speed and the posted limits, Google aims to help users avoid speeding violations, reduce the risk of accidents, and ultimately contribute to a more secure and efficient transportation network.
As drivers continue to navigate the roads, this new functionality in Google Maps will serve as a valuable tool to enhance their awareness and decision-making, ultimately leading to a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

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